Reactive Micro Services with Java seminar

אירוע JAVA JAM 2017, 27 - 28 ביוני 2017, 09:00

Abstract – 
Micro services is the current architectural trend. In this seminar, we'll go over the concepts behind a good micro-service implementation and see how to implement it with available Java frameworks. 
Target Audience
Java developers, team leaders, project managers.
Java knowledge
Overview of Micro-service architecture principles.
    - Technical stacks:
        - The Spring Stack (Spring Boot & Cloud)
        - Lagom
        - Akka and Play
        - Vertx
    - Complementaries
     - Discovery
     - Configuration
     - Monitoring

Shimi has more than 15 years of experience in Programming, Consulting and Training. Specializes in Programming Practices, Design&Architecture and Performance

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