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Alex Landa

Head of Backend technologies


הרצאות מפי Alex Landa:

  • אירוע JAVA JAM 2017, 27 - 28 ביוני 2017, 10:45

    Using Spark for BigData became the standard in the industry.  The internet is 

    full with "hello world" examples, but when your Spark job meets production all hell breaks loose. We will cover real world use cases, how they were designed, why they didn't work and how we made them run fast 

  • אירוע JAVA JAM 2017, 27 - 28 ביוני 2017, 14:15

    Building data pipelines shouldn't be so hard, you just need to choose the right tools for the task.

    We will review Akka and Spark streaming, how they work and how to use them and when.

  • אירוע JAVA JAM 2017, 27 - 28 ביוני 2017, 15:30

    There are many programming languages that can be used on the JVM (Java, Scala, Groovy, Kotlin, ...). In this session, we'll outline the main differences between them and discuss advantages and disadvantages for each.

  • אירוע JAVA JAM 2017, 27 - 28 ביוני 2017, 09:00

    Abstract – 
    Spark 2 is here, while Spark has been the leading cluster computation framework for severl years, its second version takes Spark to new heights. In this seminar, we will go over Spark internals and learn the new concepts of Spark 2 to create better scalable big data applications.
    Target Audience
    Architects, Java/Scala developers, Big Data engineers, team leaders 
    Java/Scala knowledge and SQL knowledge  
    - Spark internals 
       - Architecture
       - RDD
       - Shuffle explained
    - Dataset API
    - Spark SQL
    - Spark Streaming 

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